Howth – Dublin, Ireland

This time round, I wanted to post a photo diary that documents one of my favourite suburbs in Dublin – Howth, another gem on the north side.


By now, even your dog must know that I left my heart in Dublin. I’ve only just been back from a visit and I found myself missing the life I have there even more. Nevertheless, as of late I’m trying to live the law of attraction – Dublin will always be there and I’m confident that if I keep working hard for this to happen, I know I can move back in no time. I can’t really explain the feeling because I can’t even understand it myself. Dublin makes me feel happier, safer and lighter – the whole vibe of the city and its many different characters make it special. Some people have asked me time and time again how I managed to do this alone, especially since I only have three close friends from Dublin and have more from Malta. I never saw the experience like that at all – it’s so easy to meet people in Dublin and become good mates with them, even if you’ve only met them once in the most random scenarios. I guess it’s just a feeling of knowing where you fit in most. Okay, that’s enough rambling for one day, it’s time to focus on Howth. 


Whilst living in Dublin, my apartment was situated right in the heart of the city. I used to walk to work everyday, the local Tesco was just around the corner, the train station was next door to me – you get the idea, I pretty much had everything I needed close by. However, there were days where I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a day trip somewhere outside of Dublin or in this case, take the train to one of Dublin’s suburbs. Howth was one of those places I loved escaping to – it’s a little fishing village located below the northern boundary of Dublin Bay. I have so many beautiful memories of this place. Whenever I went there, I first used to stop at Claremont Beach and then make my way to the Harbour.



During my last few weeks Dublin, I wanted to make sure that I managed to do everything I had on the bucket list I made when I first arrived. One of the things on my list included the Howth Cliff walk. I had heard so much about this – I kept putting it off mainly because I wanted to make sure that I picked a nice day for it. You can’t really bank on the weather in Ireland – you have to be prepared for four seasons in a day sometimes. However, when I finally got round to doing the walk, it was a scorcher!

I can’t really pick a favourite place in Ireland, but Howth definitely makes the cut to my top three.


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