During the last few weeks, I spent a couple of days on Malta’s sister island – Gozo. So today, I wanted my focus to be all about one of Gozo’s jewels – The Citadel. 

Situated in Rabat (also known as Victoria), the Citadel can be seen from nearly all parts of the the island. The Citadel has been a hub of activity since Neolithic times. Around 1500 BC, it was first fortified by the Bronze Age people. Being situated in the heart of Gozo, the Citadel became an administrative centre during Phoenician and Roman times. For decades, the Citadel served as a sanctuary from attacks by Barbary Corsairs and Saracens. Even though Malta and Gozo share the same history, being largely undefended, Gozo seemed to have had more misfortunes that resulted into slavery. In fact, the Citadel was refortified once again by the Knights after the Great Siege of 1565. It was required by law that the people had to take refuge within the walls of the Citadel during the night until 1637. Eventually, more peaceful times came about once the restriction was lifted and people started to settle beyond the walls of the Citadel.


As I was roaming around the winding streets of the Citadel to take the pictures, it felt as if this was a walk-through into a chapter of Malta and Gozo’s extensive history. I wish I had the time to visit such sites more often. The history behind them is simply incredible.

I also wanted to take more portraits during my visit to the Citadel. I’m really making an effort to improve in this area of photography, so this time round, another close friend of mine, Kayleigh, decided to help me out.


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