What are your thoughts on ramshackle buildings? Do you think they’re artistic? Do you think they should be demolished as soon as possible? I think they’re fascinating. The focus of this next photo diary will be about one of the many derelict places we have in Malta; The former Corinthia Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsaskala. 


Who would’ve thought that this was once one of Malta’s most prestigious four star hotels? Formerly managed by Corinthia Hotels International, the Jerma Palace Hotel opened its  doors in 1982 in Marsaskala, a village in the southern part of Malta. Sadly, it had a short life and was then closed down in 2007. I’ve never seen the hotel in its former glory, but I did some research to show you what it used to look like back at its pinnacle.

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In its now dilapidated condition, some people think that the Jerma Palace Hotel should have been demolished years ago. People are concerned that it is in a dangerous state to anyone who decides to explore it. Some also believe that the hotel is an eye sore that is ruining the panoramic views of the island, especially since it’s being used as a garbage dump.



Nevertheless, beauty is subjective and I think that the Jerma Palace Hotel is the perfect example that truly shows how art can still be found in ruins. The photographic opportunities I had when I visited the place were amazing. Stripped of its exquisite marble floorings, intricate ceilings, ornate chandeliers and anything else of value, the now dull walls, crumbling steps, rooms, long corridors and the pools are all covered in graffiti. Once again, you will find people who don’t understand that some seriously talented artists did all of this. The art is very raw; every piece tells a different story and it’s up to the individual to choose how to interpret it. The art is there to once again give life to the Jerma Palace Hotel.


Capturing people is one of the areas in photography I’ve been working on as of late. I believe there’s room for improvement, but I’m delighted with my progress so far. As I had said in my introductory post, people are an integral part of my portfolio for place photography. I’ve included a couple of pictures I took of one of my best friends, Seán. He absolutely loved the place as much as I did when he visited Malta last April.


Have a look for yourselves and see what you think of the place. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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